Wooden Traditional Hand-Made Kumkum Box

Wooden Traditional Hand-Made Kumkum Box

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“Enrich The Value of Indian Culture with this kumkum Box”

“Standing in front of the mirror,

completely dressed and draped in a beautiful saree or suit with a matching set of earrings and necklace,

Looking at her beautiful appearance but still feels rather bitty,

Suddenly, turns to open the wardrobe and takes out a traditional beautiful wooden box, opens it and takes a pinch of betrothal sendur to the middle line of her head and then heads out of her room.”

That’s the value, kumkum carries in a married woman's life. 

Respecting the values and protecting them in what an Indian culture teaches us so, we are here to serve you with this 


To protect Indian values and traditions in this small wooden kumkum box.

This Traditional Wooden KumKum Box is handcrafted by the rural Indian artisans with all beauty. This wooden box with a wooden lid is carved with a traditional pattern on it which will enhance the beauty of your dressing table or table and

make you feel magnificent.

The sophisticated appearance of this wooden kumkum box is impressive.

You can give it as a wedding or anniversary gift to your friend.