Wooden Salt Pepper Sprinkler Set

Wooden Salt Pepper Sprinkler Set

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“Simplify Your Savors In these Wooden Sprinklers”

Most of you would be having a similar habit of sprinkling more salt or pepper in your food.

But, we struggle with finding which one has SALT and which one has PEPPER.

Nice thing to play with!!!

Just kidding, but this isn’t a struggle anymore.

As we’ve got an 


This wooden savour sprinkler has two closed wooden containers for savour embedded with golden initials of SALT and PEPPER on it, enclosed in a wooden tray.

These wooden containers shield your savours from harmful chemicals and keep your food away from microplastics. Besides, it’s organic and safe to store your edible food despite those plastic containers that contain different harmful chemicals. The golden initials will make it easy for you to identify the containers. The wooden tray holds the container at one place so it’s comfortable to place and use anywhere and everywhere. This aesthetic wooden sprinkler set will jazz up your dining table and will flatter your guest.

This artisanal and aesthetic set is a best choice for restaurants and hotels as it will look attractive on the customer table. 

This set will add a delight to any occasion. Whether it’s a party or a family dinner, this will blend up with everyone's mood.