Wooden Round Plate Set (Set of 5)

Wooden Round Plate Set (Set of 5)

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“Amplify Your Serving Experience”

Emphasize your serving experience  with this


This handmade simple wooden round plate set is designed by the Indian artisans to keep the microplastics away from your food and keeps your food fresh. These wooden plates are more durable than glass plates. You can serve hot food and most of the gravy in it. Since it's chemical-free, the food will remain healthy.

This wooden serving plate set consists of five plates in different sizes placed in ascending order. 

Perfect for serving snacks as well as the whole meal.

Serve your delicacies in this wooden serving plate set and enjoy the feast.

This is the best choice to present your culinary skills and it’s safe since the utensils are chemical-free.  

Serve the delicious dishes in this exotic dish set and make everyone’s mouth-watering on the dining table.

This is an ideal wooden dish set for restaurants and hotels.

Serving the exotic appetizers on this wooden plate set will drive the epicurean’s go crazy.