Wooden Handmade Chair Style Coaster Set of 4 coasters for Tea/Coffee/Drinks

Wooden Handmade Chair Style Coaster Set of 4 coasters for Tea/Coffee/Drinks

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Swing Your Worries Out!!!

Most of the time while drinking water, tea, coffee or other beverages, you put your cup or glass on any surface close to you.

And so the surface gets stained which looks bad.

 So, it's better to protect it before.

 Here we’ve a shield for your furniture!!!

 The artistic handmade WOODEN CHAIR COASTER SET.

This outstanding coaster set has a small chair holder with four coasters placed like a pillow on it.

This artisanal set of coaster is designed with a perfect brown wooden finish which makes the coaster set look imperial. 

This wood made coaster set protects the surface from moisture created from beverages and shields your furniture from stain or marks due to hot and cold drinks like tea, coffee and juice. Plus it’s a better insulator and is more effective than cardboard and paper coasters.

Serve your beverages with this charming wooden coaster set and protect your furniture. 

You can also gift this beautiful set of kettle coasters to your close ones on their birthday or anniversary or on any festival. 

This wooden coaster set will protect and help you maintain the habit of using coasters in your daily life so as to avoid unpleasant and annoying marks.

With this charming chair holder, they will be safe and steady in one place and you can keep it on the table or shelf.

This will go perfect with your home decor.