Wooden Chakla And Belan Stand Set

Wooden Chakla And Belan Stand Set

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"Roll Her Fret Away WIth this Chakla belan stand set"

The most ideal couple of the kitchen, "The Chakla and Belan" always make mothers fret after making rotis (chapatis). 

Now, where to place them?

This has been an unsolved problem and so, they adjust it somewhere on the shelf or with other utensils where it occupies a lot of space.

But, now you don't need to worry!!

Here, we have an all-in-one solution for you!!!



This wooden handcrafted chakla belan stand has a pair of chakla and belan with a skid heavy base and a stand to hold them. This wooden handpiece is carved and assured with a plank of good standard wood and an outstanding texture which is durable.


Having a sturdy wooden body doesn't occupy much space. You can place it anywhere on the rack, in the cupboard or on the kitchen shelf. It won't occupy much space.  "Tranquil to move, lift and use."