Wooden Brown Condiment Tray Set with Spoon

Wooden Brown Condiment Tray Set with Spoon

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“Add a classic touch to your dining table”

After having a splendid meal most of us search for some tit-tats like little kids.

Let's get the classic happy jars home.


This wooden condiment set consists of two condiment jars each with a wooden lid and a spoon placed in a classic rectangular tray. 

Using a usual plastic container adds unseen health killers to the food which harm your body in unimaginable ways by adding microplastic particles to the food. While the wood being a natural material doesn’t add unwanted particles to your food which might harm you.

The wooden texture of this condiment set gives it an outstanding imperial look. 

It’s the best choice for the ones who own a hotel or a restaurant. The authentic appearance of this wooden set will be perfect to serve. Place it with or without a tray, it’ll obey the kitchen as well as the dining adornments well. 

It’s specifically designed for serving refreshments like saunf, supari, cardamom, laung and a lot more. 

Besides, you can also store some tit-tat for children as well as elders.