Rustic Tea Coffee and Sugar Holder Set

Rustic Tea Coffee and Sugar Holder Set

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Untangle The Morning Mess with this Wooden Tea, Coffee And Sugar Container

Box Set

Getting up dozy in the morning with a drowsy body and eyes partly closed, heading towards the kitchen for a cup of tea or coffee and finding them in different similar jars"

Oh! Don't tell me that this happens with you too. 

If that’s the case then 

Don't worry! This can be solved.

What you need to do is buy this Rustic Tea Coffee and Sugar Holder Set.

This Wooden Container set has three wooden boxes, each with a wooden lid and plated with the initials of TEA, COFFEE and SUGAR.

Easy to keep anywhere in the kitchen or you can serve it with the wooden tray itself. These boxes are detachable from the tray, so you can place them separately on a rack or shelf.

The royal look of this wooden container set will go well with your kitchen. 

 It is designed according to your niche so it's suitable for storing.

Tea, Coffee and Sugar but if you want, you can store spices and can put dry fruits and serve them too.

“Now, don’t struggle for a cup of Tea or Coffee,

Buy this piece of hand-crafted container set and add class effortlessly.