Wooden Condiment Set with Wooden Tray And Spoons

Wooden Condiment Set with Wooden Tray And Spoons

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Ease the zest of food with the Trigon Condiment Jar Set

“Stepping out from the dining hall,


Those heavy paratha rolls,

Badly need a blest bar,

Go and get the condiment jar”

Yes!!! You got it right. 

The Wooden Condiment Set with Trigon Tray And Pair Of Three Spoons

with three wooden jars placed in a lavish wooden triangular tray. Each jar stowed with a wooden spoon and a removable wooden lid to protect what is good. You can specifically store after food refreshments like fennel(saunf), sesame(til), betel nut(supari)and more. Thou, the product is best for storing condiments, yet you can also store dry fruits and other spices as well.

You can easily serve them in the tray as it’s styled with antiquity and crafted with a casual and decent look, so it won’t lose its authenticity. 

It has enough space to place it on the counter and will go perfect with your home decor.

This art piece is to prevent your darling kitchen from a heap of different jars that are hard to handle!!!