Pinewood Decorative Showpiece Holding Ladder

Pinewood Decorative Showpiece Holding Ladder

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“Make yourself a peaceful corner”

Everyone wishes to have an hour after a long tiresome day to chill while reading their favourite book or comic, scroll their social media or to have a video chat with their faraway. 

Space where you can sit peacefully and feel every word and line of your book, where you can talk to anyone peacefully and your surroundings will make them say, “WOW! That looks beautiful.”

Here we have a beautiful space utilizer for you!!!


This wooden decorative showpiece ladder is a multifaceted foldable utility handmade artisanal piece with three shelves designed to arrange your books and stationary items, decorative stuff and other home decor items. It’s the best place for keeping decorative indoor plants and organising them to look fab.

You can place it in the study room or hall room. This will blend well with your home accessories and is easy to move. The three shelves are easy to assemble. With its sturdy body, your book and other home decor will be kept safe on it.

Arrange this beautiful pine wooden ladder and make your space look more beautiful.

This wooden ladder will add meaning to your space. 

“A wise choice for utilizing your space”.